What’s The Best Cigar Bar Near Tulsa?

Cigar Bar in Tulsa

What’s The Best Cigar Bar Near Tulsa?

When searching for a great cigar bar, it can be hard to know which ones are worth trying and which are bound to be a letdown. So, I did some research to find out what the best cigar bar near Tulsa was and this is what I found.

So, what is the best cigar bar near Tulsa? The highest-quality, best all-around cigar bar near Tulsa is Smoke and Tonic. The premium cigar selections, world-class ambiance, and private smoking rooms make it a can’t-miss location that is sure to appeal to even the most experienced enthusiasts.

As preferences differ from individual to individual, everyone has their own opinions on where they like to eat, drink, and hangout. The same goes for cigar bars. However, when a cigar bar has premium options and a cozy, classy environment that appeals to everyone, it is easy to see why it is so loved by many. A true enthusiast knows the place in which you smoke a cigar is as important as the choice of the cigar itself.

What Makes Smoke and Tonic the Best Cigar Bar Near Tulsa

 When you enter Smoke and Tonic, you get an immediate sense of what the place is all about. The atmosphere is littered with luxurious appointments that raise a toast to top-tier taste. From luxe library paneling to bold brass bar shelving, the space seems to take you back in time without feeling outdated.

The ambiance offered by Smoke and Tonic immediately solves one of the biggest problems one has when searching for a go-to cigar bar. It can be incredibly challenging to find a relaxing, high-class space that not only allows smoking but also offers such an amazing selection of cigars. The geniuses at Smoke and Tonic are very familiar with that challenge and have happily accepted and defeated it by offering the quintessential smoking bar to the greater Tulsa area.

You would not trust someone with bad tasted to recommend a cigar. It just does not make sense. Thankfully, Smoke and Tonic employs expert cigar connoisseurs who curate only the finest cigars for your consumption. To go alongside these high-quality cigars is a lengthy list of top-shelf spirits and beverage options.

From premium whiskeys to craft beers, Smoke and Tonic has beverage options to suit any taste. Handcrafted cocktails are one of the Claremore cigar bar’s specialties and they have more than enough options to please the palate. Alongside these exceptional beverages is an artisan food menu that is sure to tantalize the tastebuds.

Gluten-free dessert options, absolutely stunning charcuterie and cheese plates, and simple, yet delicious bruschetta are all at your disposal to perfectly pair alongside your drink and cigar of choice. It is evident in everything Smoke and Tonic chooses to place on their menu that they take pride in offering high-quality, delicious food, drink, and tobacco.

The Story of Smoke and Tonic 

Tulsa Cigar BarSmoke and Tonic was created by Justin Michael, the owner of Claremore’s finest men’s apparel store, The Haberdashery. When Justin saw the apparent need for a high-end bar to serve Claremore and the greater Tulsa area, he knew what he had to do. His concept for Smoke and Tonic is inspired by a cocktail book authored by Ernest Hemingway as well as 30 other famous authors of the 20th century.

The bar itself presses into that roaring 1920’s vibe with library-paneled walls and brass hardware throughout. Luxurious leather furnishings and decor nestled around the 100-year-old hardwood banister and floors make the space look and feel like a million bucks.

What Makes a Great Tulsa Cigar Bar?

It’s true. Tulsa is not short on places to pick up and even smoke a cigar. Shops are dotted all around the city with each claiming to be the best. What sets Smoke and Tonic apart as the best Tulsa Cigar Bar is the atmosphere and the people. Little things like knowing you can trust the recommendation of your bartender; let you know that you have come to the right place. Beyond that confidence, it’s knowing that a cigar bar only carries the best cigars they can get their hands on.

When entering any establishment, the customer should never feel like the recommendation they are getting is to help the owner move less popular items. Because Smoke and Tonic only carries the best cigars, this is something you never have to worry about.

The Perfect Spot for Aspiring Cigar Connoisseurs

The staff at Smoke and Tonic pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of cigars and spirits. What better place is there for new smokers and aspiring connoisseurs than a place that is filled with connoisseurs selling premium products? At Smoke and Tonic, a wealth of cigar knowledge and a wide selection are always at your disposal.

The Benefit of Private Smoking Rooms at Tulsa Cigar Bars

Maybe you are not a smoker or just prefer to enjoy food and beverage away from a room filled with cigar smoke. This is where private smoking rooms come in. Not only are they great for freeing up the main room for smoke-free pleasure, but they offer the perfect, intimate spot for enjoying a cigar and a cocktail. Each of Smoke and Tonic’s private smoking rooms is filled with luxurious finishes and furnished with jaw-dropping decor. The rooms feel as if you are right at home, on your home is a lavish mansion from the 1920s.

Related Questions

What makes a good cigar? Much like alcohol, cigars are very dynamic. Age, fermentation, and make-up all directly affect cigars and determine whether or not they will be a hit or a miss. Also, in the same vein as alcohol, age alone does not equal quality. You cannot simply age a cigar until it is good. The cigar must be high-quality before aging to be high-quality after aging. Lastly, just like any consumable item, the quality is in the eye (or in this case, mouth) of the consumer. A $40 cigar may taste worse than a $5 cigar to certain tastebuds, and it is important to shop and smoke based on your tasted and personal preference. Do not purchase purely based on price. If you are just starting out, find a trusted cigar aficionado to show you the ropes.

How do you properly pair cigars and whiskey? Cigar and whiskey pairings can be as simplistic or complex as you make them. However, there are a few basic rules of thumb for pairing. For instance, you would not want to pair too light of whiskey with too heavy of a cigar or vice versa. This unbalanced pairing would leave the tastebuds searching for more within the whiskey, as the notes of the cigar would completely stamp out the notes within the whiskey. Instead, heavy whiskeys should be paired with heavy cigars. Just as a cabernet sauvignon pairs excellently with a rich filet mignon and a light Riesling works wonderfully with a delicate seafood pasta dish, cigars with full-bodied flavor tend to pair well with whiskeys that pack a punch.

Are Cuban cigars really the best? It goes without saying that Cuban cigars are hailed as some of the finest cigars on the planet. Some may say even the best. Though there are a few reasons for this, the two main causes of quality are Cuban tobacco and the experienced cigar makers. Cuban cigars may not appeal to everyone, but for those with a refined palate for cigars, they are a fine option.

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